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Linda's Update

Hi Everyone , Click the link for your free pattern

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Hi Everyone April 2017

Welcome to the happenings of Linda Ballard & Co. Since the last newsletter I’ve been in a lot of areas some new and not so new. I have to say that I 5 and Hwy 99 have been my main traveling roads. Many many guilds, some I haven’t seen for years and some I see every year …. To all that have hired me this past six months, thank you! Taught for the North State Jamboree event this past fall and will be doing so again this fall, thanks ladies for asking me back. Retreats …. Ahhh, that’s where I’ve been the busiest …. Not only the ones I sponsor but ones that people hire me to facilitate and teach at (those are the best). Too many to make note of, I look forward to coming back next year (gotta love the annual ones, they become like family).

Here is a more detailed look at where I’m headed over the next few months:

September – 21st Annual retreat in Mammoth Lakes, CA …. Yucca Valley, CA guild …. Torrance, CA guild ….several quilt shops in Northern CA …. North State Jamboree in Red Bluff, CA …. My Kit’s Quilt Retreat in Colusa, CA

October – Let’s Quilt Retreats …. First time retreat for the Chester Piecemakers (thanks for having me) …. Quilt shops in and around Northern CA and Southern OR …. Teaching at Ocean Waves Quilt Camp in Tillamook, OR. …. Classes in and around CA .

November – Let’s Quilt Retreat …. Classes in and around CA …. My year of teaching ends Thanksgiving week .

December – hopefully sewing up a storm and spending time with family and friends.

January – Let’s Quilt Retreat …. Valley Quilt Guild in Yuba City, CA …. Tucson Quilt Guild for several lectures and workshops ….. Classes in and around the area (could be somewhere with a radius of 200 miles).

February – Let’s Quilt Retreat …. Carquinez Strait Quilters in Benicia, CA …. A little R & R with my buddies …. Classes at various locations.

March – Let’s Quilt Retreat in Redding, CA…. Santa Maria Guild …. 2nd Annual Spring retreat in Fresno, CA …. Year 2 for this new location of Grass Valley, CA retreat, it’s a winner!

April – Let’s Quilt Retreats in Weaverville, CA …. 2nd Annual Happy Time Stitchers Retreat at Harmony Ridge …. Classes in and around.

May – Let’s Quilt Retreat …. 2nd annual retreat in Clovis, CA …. Classes in and around.

June - Let’s Quilt Retreats in McCloud, CA and Trinidad, CA (very popular) …. Vacation with the girls …. Classes in and around.

July – Bringing back the Oroville retreat …. Southern CA for the Flying Geese Guild ….. not sure yet about Brookings, OR and Hershey, PA (keep the fingers crossed).

August – Let’s Quilt Retreat ….4th Annual Harmony Ridge retreat with Teri’s group …. Shady Cove, OR (oh boy) …. 9th Annual with Fresno’s group …. Classes in and around.

September – Let’s Quilt Retreat …. 22nd Mammoth Lakes, CA retreat …. Classes in and around ….. oh yes and a cruise to the Mediterranean.

As always I have lots to share in the way of workbooks (patterns for many) and supplies that make it easier to piece your quilts and still sell my project bags. What I don’t have is a store on my website …. Should you wish something from me, just let me know and we’ll take care of it via mail/phone/email or fax. You can always view the workbooks on my website at under the folder CLASSES. And speaking of workbooks, for a lesser fee you can get your workbook as an E Book instead of a printed version; we just need to know which way to go. Also while you’re on the website, you can check out the BITS AND PIECES folder where you can see a newsletter from me and even download a free pattern. AND still on the website, my CALENDAR is there to see where all I’ll be. I’m pretty up to date with the location and what’s happening ….. Maybe I’ll be in one of your areas! And of course you’ll find the listing of retreats.

Family updates ….
Dave – he’s had a little set back as he hurt his shoulder this past Christmas and has been trying to keep it from hurting. Luckily there’s been no surgery but sometimes the pulled muscles and ligaments are worse than a break. I feel for him, but there’s nothing I can do except offer my sympathy and tell him it will get better.
Jim and Family – they built a new house and got in it basically 3 days before Christmas last year. We were there and you know even with boxes not emptied we all had beds, showers and had a marvelous time! The grandkids are great because they’re mine ….. Blake to be 11 and Elle to be 6. They are now in school full time and Courtney has 6 hours to do ????? She’s busy and her day flies by quickly. We hope to see them before this coming Christmas …. Cross our fingers!
Cheri - she’s having fun with the animals in the house (dogs and cat) …. Enjoying the yard and being ‘Suzy homemaker’ when not at work. Don’t see her enough but when we get together it’s really special. Last night was Easter and she came out for dinner and we taught her a new card game …. Have you played ‘Play Nine’? It’s fun!
My mom – she’s thriving in the backyard and I talk to her daily. We’ve staked her up as the deer are wanting to nibble at her and keep pulling the limbs down (dam them). Dave reminded me that she would have had her 98th birthday last month …. What a lady …. Miss her and her crazy wonderful stories.
For me, I’m good and really that’s not a bad thing. Had my eyelids done and wow, can I see so much better! This made the world brighter and I don’t feel like there’s anything distorting my vision (like eyelids). Not a vanity thing people, an eyesight issue …. We need all the help we can get. My teaching has been interesting ….. I’ve lost several places where I’ve done retreats by the quilt shops closing/closing their classroom/me eliminating a location (Ventura after 25 years), so that’s made me hustle to find new venues. The locations I’m introducing are turning out to be a positive ….. I still have one new place that happens next month (Friends Around the Block Quilt Shop, Colusa, CA) but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a winner! It’s sad when I see quilt shops closing (been there myself) but you can’t fault them, usually it’s because they’re ready to move on with retirement. And speaking of that word retirement …. NO I’m not interested in doing so …. As long as you keep asking me to teach and I keep coming up with new ideas we’re going to continue on. I love what I do …… you all make it the best job and it’s so much of my life it would be hard to stop.
So as always I end with a big Thank You! It’s because of all of you that I’ve done so well in this crazy quilting world. There are so many out there doing what I do, some may be better, some different and some offering the same format I do in the way of retreats/classes. But there is only one me ….. I can promise you I will always be your champion in a class or retreat, give you the best information I can and be proud of what you do. I never take for granted your support and kindness …. You truly make me happy.


Introducing my 14th quilting cruise ….. September 22 – October 6th, 2018 to the Mediterranean on RCCL Independence of the Seas ship. There will be two teachers; we sew in conference rooms that is ours for the entire cruise (no transporting your sewing machine back and forth), 5 days of classes and so much more. The information is on my website for you to download. Hope you’ll consider coming, as of this writing we have 17 cabins reserved but we can definitely take more!

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